Dr. Liqaa Essam Naser, Zayn Holistic Center

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Human Fertility, Done Right.

Personalized Integrative Medicine Tailored For the Root Causes of Your Health Condition.

At Zayn Holistic Center, we believe everyone is different. Even though our patients have many similar symptoms and diagnoses, why they develop their health conditions may be different. 

Chronic health conditions that disturb hormonal balance and compromise fertility rarely result from a single factor. To restore hormonal balance and enhance fertility, we need to identify and treat the root causes of the problem.

At Zayn Holistic Center, we look at each patient as a whole person and consider genetic predispositions, possible infections, diet, life stresses, and toxic environmental exposure. We combine the best natural and conventional medicine modalities to deliver a personally-tailored program to facilitate holistic healing and restore fertility.