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Ramadan 2024: Sisters Weekly Friday Iftar (March 15)


The Barakah Beauty Collective crew is excited to host our third annual Sisters' Iftars again in 2024! 

Watch our iftar VIDEO HERE.

Are you looking for a weekly sisters' gathering to break your fast and enjoy the company of other women? Come as you are to break your fast whether you are a born Muslim, convert newbie, long time Muslim, single, married (and need a break) or any other reason, You are welcome here! Even non-Muslims or women exploring the faith are welcome.

  • Time: 7:15pm
  • Date: Friday March 15th, 2024
  • Location: Barakah Beauty Collective, 540 NE Northgate Way, Suite B, Seattle, Wa 98125

Registration is required but no one will be turned away unless we are past our legal capacity for the space. 

$5 fee reserves your spot. Food provided is at no-charge and will be provided by generous support from our local community. 

Please bring a halal dish to share if you are able to. 

We are accepting donations for the iftar and would appreciate any financial support you can provide. Donations collected will be used for food purchase, staffing, facilities, etc. 

Please choose from the following options:

  • Registration only $5/person
  • Donation only (choose your amount)
  • For registration + donation, please choose both "registration only $5" plus your "donation only" value

Please limit small children because the space is not set up for children under 7 unless they’re still nursing or can remain in a car seat. Registration required for all attendees regardless of age. Thank you! 

Please come 5-10 minutes before the event if possible. 

*Barakah Beauty Collective and Michaela Corning LLC are not liable for any adverse reactions you might have as a result of eating food at the event.

**If you have any Covid symptoms, please do not come. Masks are highly recommended while in store but not required. 

***Registrations can be canceled 48 hours in advance of the iftar. Please email to cancel your registration for a refund to your original payment method. 

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